Research & Development:

Nanostructured materials have novel electronic, optical, magnetic, chemical catalytic and mechanical properties from the high surface to volume ratio, and quantum size effect.

Nanomaterials are being applied across a raft of high-tech industries and technologies due to their outstanding magnetic, optical, catalytic and electronic properties, which depend greatly on their size, structure, and shape. Conservative market estimates for nanomaterials production in 2012 are 444,185 tons, rising to 1,087,559, a CAGR of 18.4%.

Nanomaterials are being widely incorporated into stain and water repellant surfaces and textiles, high UV-resistant transparent sunscreens and cosmetic, automotive and sporting goods composites, anti-corrosion oil and gas pipeline coatings, protective concrete and wood surfaces, paints, cosmetics, consumer electronics, conductive coatings and pharmaceuticals

INM Nuvent Paints Ltd established an integral R&D organization. Performing stringent quality control over every detail of the manufacturing process.

In developing new products, Nuvent Paints R&D operations are centralized in the Innovation Research Center. They conduct thorough studies to continually enhance and develop materials and manufacturing techniques.

The engineering and business divisions perform commercialization, repeating product reliability tests until complete confidence is reached. Under supervisors with a strong sense of responsibility, everyone, from development to manufacturing, conducts thorough product control, so that highly reliable, high performance products will be delivered.

Using the best combination of materials and technologies available, INM Nuvent Paints promotes flexibility to meet the diversified industry needs with is ultimate goal to produce superior products.

R & D Coatings

  • Transparent Coatings
    • Conducting Coatings
    • Insulator Coatings
    • Scratch resistance Coatings
    • Abrasion resistance Coatings
    • Conducting polymer Coatings
    • Electrochromic Coatings