heat reflective paint manufacturers.Transparent UV- Absorbing Coatings: UV absorbing coating which protects the underlying skin / material from such radiation's harmful effects (100 nm to 400 nm). Property of the INM-UVA Coat: Transparent (96%) to Visible light UV (315-380nm) 89% blocks UV (315-280nm) 100% blocks UV (280-100nm) 100% blocks Can be applied on to Glass, Wood, Polymer Scratch & abrasion Resistance up to 5N / 100 cycles Scratch & abrasion Resistance up to 5N / 100 cycles Excellent heat resistant up to 450C  

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Transparent Hydrophobic Coatings in india.Transparent Hydrophobic Coatings: Super-hydrophobicity refers repulsion to water on surfaces where the contact angle of water is above 90 up to 180. AquaNO Clear.AquaNo is a Nano-structured transparent water repellant coating. The coatings imparts a high water contact angle on the surface of the substrate. The maintenance cost and frequency on maintenance of coated surface can be reduced by application of the coatings. The coating is useful for anti-icing and waterproofing applications.  

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best heat reflective paint in india.Applications of Multifunctional Heat Reflective Paint: House roof top (concrete surface).Industrial roof tops (both metallic / concrete surface).Railway station roof tops (both metallic and concrete) Bus station roof tops (both metallic and concrete).Apartment pavements / Temple pavements.Solvent tanks in Chemical / Pharma Industries  

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heat reflective paint manufacturers india.Advantages of Multifuntional Heat Reflective Paint.Prevents from Heat coming from sun (IR radiation) by reflection.Nano additives in the paint prevents from the formation of bacteria / fungal.Top surface with hydrophobic to repel the water stagnation.Surface fine finishing with aesthetic appearance.Eco-friendly nanomaterials with affordable cost Can be applied simply by spray / brush after proper surface cleaning.Keeps inner rooms cool with temperature difference of 18C to 21C Infrared heat is reflected reducing up to 50% of the absorbed heat in the  

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Bringing Innovations in paints and Coatings Technologies INM Nuvent Paints is a leading company offering innovative, safe, low VOC, cost effective, highly reliable, durable paints, coatings and nanostructured chemical materials (pigments) through in-house nanotechnology process. At INM Nuvent Paints, we bring innovations in paints and coatings technologies to meet our valued customers aspiring needs. Today, at the genesis of the 21st century, innovative materials are continually being developed and improved, combined with a wide spectrum of technologies. The most exciting evolution of all m  

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anti-corrosive paints: Since paints are devised for protecting metal surfaces, it is broadly believed and also misunderstood that all oil based paints are anti-corrosive paints.  

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Modifying the environment is specific to some systems. Common approach to corrosion prevention is by protective coatings. Anticorrosive coatings have become an important part of paints and coatings industry in the industrialized countries. As a result of significant growth in key end-user industries, such as shipping, oil & gas, power, OME, Infrastructure the market for anti-corosion coatings is developing and also demanding for high performance. We at INM Nuvent paints, adopted a new technology in coatings, combining the Modifying and stopping corrosive environment by introducing Nano techn  

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Anti Corrosive Paint from Nuvent paints Sri Lanka which is very environment friendly for your metals and it can be applied on interior & exterior surfaces.  

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UV-absorbing coatings are transparent, its colourless and exhibit high optical quality. The UV-protective coatings offer an easy method to prevent the photodegradation of organic materials without altering their optical properties in the visible region  

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Heat Reflective Wall Paints - Heat Resistant Paint For Interior and Exterior Walls offered by Nuventpaints. For more information please contact us  

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Transparent Heat Reflective Coatings

Transparent Heat Reflective Coatings:

Heat Reflective Coating which reflects the infrared light back into atmosphere (780 to 2400 nm)

Property of the INM-HRF Coat:

  • Transparent (97%) to Visible light
  • Heat reflection on glass 18ºC
  • Heat reflection of wood surfaces 12º C
  • Heat reflection on cement surfaces 10ºC
  • Can be applied on to Glass, Wood, Polymer
  • Scratch & abrasion Resistance up to 5N / 100 cycles
  • Reduces electricity bill by 28% and CFCs reduction
  • Excellent heat resistant up to 450ºC
  • Coating Process: Spray, Dip, Roll

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  • Facades
  • Masonry
  • Wood carvings
  • Artifacts

Automobiles / Hotels / Domestic

  • Windshields
  • Windows
  • Goggles

Electronic /Optical devices Textiles / Pharma

  • Antenna
  • Displays
  • Solar modules
  • Garments