Dr. A. R. Phani - Managing Director

INM Nuvent Paints Limited

Founder, Managing Director of INM Technologies, Dr. A.R. Phani, has made joint venture with Shilpa Medicare Limited (incorporation of INM Technologies: 23rd Jan 2015) to establish world class Nanotechnology Laboratory and to cater the needs of nanomaterials for various industrial sectors. He is having a vision for long term strategies for a sustained growth of the company and serving humanity using Nanotechnology.

For his credit he has published 274 international publications (h index: 45) in highly reputed international journals and reviewer for many international journals, and funding agencies and filed 12 Indian patents and 3 International patents.

He has bagged 18 national awards and 3 international awards namely Best Impact factor award from IICT, Best Researcher award from University of L’Aquila, Best Innovator award from 64th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Pavan Nagpal Award from ICS, Best Nanotechnologist award from ISRO, from Indian Science.Congress for Best Performer in Nanotechnology, etc.,

Research areas: NanoChemical Technology, NanoPharmaceutical / Bio-Med Technology, NanoElectronics, NanoBiotechnology, NanoCoating Technology.

Shilpa Medicare Limited

Promoters for INM Nuvent Paints Limited
Sri Vishnukant .C. Bhutada, Chairman INM Nuvent Paints

His excellence Sri. Vishnukant. C. Bhutada (Chairman – INM Nuvent Paints Limited) has vast and diverse Business experience of API and Intermediates. Since 1987, Shilpa is among the leading suppliers of oncology Shilpa Medicare Limited, APIs in the world with eight manufacturing plants and three R&D centres, with a turnover exceeding INR 900 crores (200 million USD).


Global Exhibition on Services 2019

Nov 25-28, 2019, Bangalore


Government of India represented by Shilpa Medicare Limited (delegated by Shri Vishnukant Bhutada and Dr. A. R. Phani) and Republic of China had an agreement to work together on anti-cancer drugs which are affordable and can reach all sectors of human life.
Innovative Nano and Micro Technologies Private Limited has also made B2B meetings with 16 countries and promoting its nanoengineered multifunctional coatings and paints for various industrial applications in middle east, African and south asian countries.

INM Nuvent Paints Private Limited (Incorporated in the FY2018 with Joint Venture B/W Shilpa Medicare Ltd, Raichur)

INM Nuvent Paints Private Limited registered on 3rd March 2018 under companies Act 2013, Registration of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, Bangalore, Karnataka State, India with the objective of offering services and innovative products in the area of paint technologies.

  • High-tech know-how, competencies and expertise in nanotechnology based paints to meet industrial / domestic needs
  • Expertise in the field of the Materials Engineering / Technology and service in advanced technology and product development
  • State of art facility for all Synthesis and Characterization and Testing techniques for all kinds of paints both industrial and domestic
  • Scale up process for the developed high performance innovative paints
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  • 1st Nanotechnology based Paint company privately funded in India
  • Indigenously developed nanotechnology based paint products
  • Eco-friendly process adopted for sustainable technologies
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  • To serve the humanity through Nanotechnology based protective Paints
  • We offer cutting edge nanotechnology based paints for industries
  • Highly reliable, Durable, and Cost effective for industrial applications
    High Performance, multifunctional & effordable paints for all domestic classes

Core Team Members


Dr. R. Kishore kumar, General Manager, Heading the Department of Paints and Chemical Nanomaterials has 12 years research experience. He has done his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) Hyderabad, Masters in Chemical Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad and PhD from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, India. He has seven years of experience in R&D in optimization of Nano Materials and large scale production Nano Materials for various industrial applications. He is expertized in synthesis of nanometals, metal oxides, ferrites, perovskites and spinels with different sizes range and their dispersion in water/solvents media. His research area includes: application of nanomaterials in different sectors like cosmetics, catalyst, paints, construction, water purification, pharma and dental. Dr.R. Kishore Kumar has published more than 30 international publications in well reputed international journals and has 2 Indian patents.


Dr. C.S Naveen, General Manager, Heading the Department of Coatings and Energy Materials has 10 years in R&D of nanocoatings and nanosensors. He has received Ph.D. in Electronics from Bangalore University with CSIR - SRF. He has worked for Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) project at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and BRNS-DAE solar energy projects. He has 10 years of academic and industrial experience in development of Nanostructured coatings and electronics to fulfil the needs of a dynamically changing customer base. Due to his wide understanding of materials science and electronic technologies, he specialises in the multifunctional aspect of product development. He specialises in the application of nanostructured coatings in fields of construction, fire protection, photovoltaic cells, corrosion, waterproofing, green building technologies, toxic vapour sensing and wireless RFID technologies. Dr.C.S.Naveen has published more than 40 international publications in well reputed international journals and has 3 Indian patents.


Baijayanti Ghosh is product development executive and team lead for the department of coatings at INM Nuvent Paints Pvt Ltd.She has completed her masters in chemical engineering from Visweswarya Technological University. Baijayanti at formulating and testing commercially relevant coatings to solve specific problems of a challenging customer demographic under economical constrains. She specializes in product optimisation and scale up with 7 years of experience in allied industries which include pharmaceutical, nanomaterials, energy materials and nanostructured coating. Baijayanti has received Gold medal during her masters for best academic performance in chemical engineering from Viswesrarya technological university. Baijayanti has published 3 international publications in well reputed international journals and has 3 Indian patents


Mr. M.Veeranarasimha Rao, Chief Technical Officer at INM Nuvent Paints Pvt Ltd, has 30 years of paint formulation experience. He delivered wide range of paints and coatings formulations. He has excellent grip on production and troubleshooting. He has very good communication skills to satisfy all customers to fulfil their requirements and to solve their troubles. He is good at team work and has worked in abroad, (Singapore, Thailand & Mynamar). He has experience in Paint Technology and coatings to develop products according to customers requirement.